Pantone: colors concept store in Milano.

Milan, the capital of design and fashion, was chosen for the first Pantone Concept Store worldwide. The perfect location where to find the latest collections, limited editions, color trends and news, along with a selection of professional design products.
Reflecting the brand identity, Pantone Universe communicates creativity and “Reinforces the vision and expression of moods and emotions through the language of colors” as Roberto Ruzzante, Responsible for Pantone Universe Special Projects, explains. In effect the new Concept Store is part of a global strategy, after the success of the Pantone Hotel a Bruxelles which opened in Brussels in 2010 and the Pantone Beachwear shop in Saint Tropez in 2012.
The Concept Store has been realized by Sara Giglioli, a marketing consultant in the luxury sector, and the Italian designer Luca Trazzi. The Pantone Universe Concept Store is a light, pure environment with a simple and functional layout; it features LED lights to enhance the perception of nuances as they really are. Light plays a crucial role in letting customers perceive the real chromatic value of colors. Another predominant element is total white, the basic color used for the layout of the store. Thanks to a special treatment that gives iridescence to the surfaces, a completely new understanding of color can be experienced inside the shop.
The photos show some view of the first Pantone Universe Concept store in Corso Magenta 5, Milan.