Reconfigurability on four wheels.

Flexibility, space saving and teamwork are key concepts in Smart Working, in Conference Centers, in hotels, in Coworking, in “third places” and wherever is banned everything that is static.

Flexible space needs primarily a flexible Way Of Thinking and an “agile” corporate culture. In this approach furnishings become the instrument to implement Ways Of Working which refuse stillness. Modularity and wheels are foundamental requirements to furnish an easily reconfigurable and flexible conference room. To effectively answer to time and space saving and easy mobility needs, it is also important to chose a folding table system that ensure the speed and ease use and the ability to store it in small spaces. Archimedes system by Ibebi Design allows greater functionality of the meeting room because no special personnel is required to set up, break down, or move the table. Company Promo by Ibebi Design


Archimede System, by Ibebi Design (Design by Angelo Pinaffo). Folding and easily moveable tables to rapidly create functional working areas. The various forms, measurements and finishings available have been studied to adapt to all space and furnishing requirements.