Storage: new flexible personalities.

If your idea of bookcase is a whole of horizontal shelves or of storage units are orthogonal elements, lots of suprises are in store for you at next Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week 2013: shelves that explode, diverge and revolve; the function of arranging books and objects is transformed and reinvented. As for storage units, articolated surfaces, hanging on the wall or… walking.




Photogallery captions

1 Sedus, Terri tory

A modular storage space range which contributes to intelligent room configuration; it allows zones to be created and areas divided. Flexible territories emerge in an instant without any great effort and can also be perfectly and easily adapted. It can essentially be used for three basic applications: for zoning areas in open spaces, as a cupboard element on walls and as storage space close to the workstation.

2 Dieffebi, DotBox, design Hangar Design Group,

 A modular system of storage units whose strength lies in its ability to extend both vertically and horizontally with countless possible combinations.

3 Lago, DiagoLinea, ‘exploding’ shelves system designed by 4P1B durign a creative workshop at LagoStudio.

4 Lema, Booken evolution, design Raw Edges, reinvented bookcase, wall version too.

5 Rimadesio, Cover, design Giuseppe Bavuso, the project carries on concept of equipping and customizing areas from domestic to professional settings.

6 Ligne Roset, Nubo, design Gamfratesi, the simple space-save wall shelf was transormed in a nice suitcase-shaped container.

Ligne Roset, Tolbiac, design Grégoire de Lafforest, introduces the 3D dimension in the world of bookcase.

8 Porro, Mikado, design Front, light container with exotic mood.

9 Pallucco, Stella, design di Constance Guisset, revolving 5 levels bookcase.

10 Ozzio, Demie, design Hanno Giesler/Studio Ozeta, MDF modular bokkcase that can be wall mounted both horizontally and uprightly.

11 Markus Johansson Design Studio Walking cabinet, a cabinet on the move at Salone Satellite 2013. 

12 Clic 231 di Diffusion Design, Forget all about untidiness and cables. It hides sound systems, cables, subwoofer, cd’s, game consols and everything else.

13 Giorgetti, Credenza, design Massimo Castagna, sideboard made by eucalyptus wood.