The Barbarian Group: Deskless office? Superdesk!

In response to those who propose the Deskless Office as the only possible way for flexible and collaborative workplace, here is the provocative 1,100 feet long Superdesk inside the new office of the agency The Barbarian Group in New York, designed by Clive Wilkinson.

The creative agency The Barbarian Group believes “in the power of ideas to provoke a reaction” and their project brief for the new offices was almost a challenge turned to the Los Angeles based architect Clive Wilkinson, who shares with his client their passion for interesting idea ”in a world pre-disposed to boring sameness”. The request was to design an office “to keep the Barbarian tribe happy and inspired everyday” and to create the most collaborative and creative environment possible.

The result was a sculptural desk literally they all share: an awesdome, undulating unbroken 1,100 linear feet long Superdesk, made of 4,400 sqft plywood, that can accommodate up to 167 people: over the top of the desk and under the “alcoves” for the group work areas equipped with bookshelves, armchairs, meeting tables and touch-down desks. The new offices also feature a large bar-cafetteria area “to have a drink and create something together.”
We really wanted everyone sitting under a desk, but we also wanted to create spaces where people could escape to” said Sophie Kelly, Barbarian Group CEO, in the video that preents the new offices opened last January 27th.
Photo Michael Moran, courtesy The Barbarian Group.