Transportable Smart House: Livingbox.

Livingbox is the sustainable and energy efficient house prototype showed at MADE Expo 2013, built by Edilportale in cooperation with the University of Trento, BTicino, always focused on comfort, safety and energy efficiency, takes part in the project with the installation of the home automation and electrical infrastructure.

Livingbox is a prefabricated, modular and portable residential/hospitality unit, conceived as a “house-in-a-box” and equipped with a range of technological solutions, combining high energy performance with functionality, ergonomic features and contemporary design and made using natural and/or recyclable/recycled materials. The home automation infrastructure by BTicino has allowed to create a modern and advanced electrical system even in such small modular spaces, under the banner of energy savings and environmental care. Designed to be managed remotely, the My Home home automation system used in the unit offers a range of high-tech solutions, comprising lighting automation system, temperature control system, multi-channel sound system, video door entry system, motorised curtain tracks and consumption values reader. The system is controlled via white-finish light points from the Livinglight Air range, with ultra-thin metal front cover plates, combined with elegant multimedia interfaces.
“Always keen to keep on top of changes and trends in the building industry – says BTicino Chairman and Managing Director Paolo Perino BTicino is happy to be part of the Livingbox project, which, by combining functionality and contemporary design, shows how modern and efficient living can be achieved through a rational use of space and care for the environment.”
Clei is among the suppliers of Livingbox with the Smart solution of patented transformable furniture systems (sofa-wall-bed; desk-bookshelf) essential elements in a portable house that takes up only 40 square meters.