The most viewed WOW! video from #MDW

The recent Milan Design Week was a good opportunity for checking and confirming the marked Social identity of  WOW! Webmagazine through the integrated platform linked to the magazine, including FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Periscope, Twitter.

Among the amazing results regarding people, who followed and shared the texts, the comments, the photo galleries and the videos posted live by WOW! on social pages, the video interview with Stephanie Borges of USM stands out with its 3574 views (a well-deserved success for the original installation Rethink The Modular and and the clarity of the interview).
If the too recent Periscope, connected with Twitter, is a medium still needing some time to take off, the hyper-tested FaceBook proves to be the most effective vehicle for sharing impressions off-the-cuff, pictures and videos, perhaps less professional than Linkedin and  less immediate than Twitter, less focused than You Tube and Pinterest, but definitely more popular than Google+ and Periscope.