WOW! meets Friedrich Bender.

Salone Ufficio 2013, Kymo hosted at stand Caimi Brevetti.

Meeting “on the go” with Friedrich Bender of Kymo, at Caimi Brevetti inside Salone Ufficio, that hosted the creative German company producer of carpets and floorwear. Among the original Kymo’s proposal there is The MashUp Concept Edition.


The MashUp Concept Edition (Design by Eva Langhans & Thomas Follner):

quality, handmade oriental rugs made expressly to the strictest The MushUp specifications. Because the raw material is so homogeneous, the options are endless for adapting the patterns and colours. In 2011 The MashUp Concept Edition won the special prize for sustainability awarded by Germany’s prestigious architectural magazine, AIT , as part of the ‘Innovation Award for Architecture & Flooring’.