WOW! meets Giulio Iacchetti.

Salone del Mobile 2013, stand Meritalia.

Meeting “on the go” with Giulio Iacchetti inside Salone del Mobile at stand Meritalia; for this company he designed the NewCastle Sofa, characterized by the fresh use of an artificial fabric similar to paper, normally used for jeans labels: washable, resistant, transpiring able to confer a strong personality.


“When I threw on the paper sheet the first features of this line of upholstered I was animated by the thought that the sofa, for any child, it’s a sacred shelter, a castle in which barricade themselves to find comfort and protection.  Music doesn’t change when you grow up, and so the sofa still remains a safe landing as a soft castle. Here’s the reason for these monolithic geometries, for a backrest designed as a big buttress, for armrest designed  as rock blocks to define a shape with very characterized and recognizable lines, also thanks to the fresh use, as upholstery, of Duraform®, a material deriving from cellulose fiber, generally used for covers, books and in graphic field. Often used for jeans labels. Meritalia uses it in a fresh way in interior design field employing it as upholstery for a new upholstered product.