WOW! meets Oki Sato, Nendo.

We meet Oki Sato, founder of Nendo Design at the stand Emeco at Salone del Mobile.
He talks us about his design “recipies” and the “spices” that are important to generate surprise and create a link between objects and people.



Emeco, SU Collection, stools and tables, design Nendo.
The Japanese concept of ‘su’ comes from traditional Japanese culture, and means
simple, plain, minimal. Nendo brought the design aesthetic of ‘SU’ to the
collaboration with Emeco. The SU Collection features precise engineering and the
use of new, surprising eco-conscious materials. SU seats come in three new
material choices, all of which demonstrate a more environmentally conscious way of doing things, using responsibly selected alternatives of some traditional materials. Solid reclaimed oak seats have been sourced from old architecture in the U.S.A., and carved into the Emeco seat by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania. Every piece is unique with signs of its past life. Eco-Concrete seats are made of Green-Concrete, a revolutionary concept that can replace the energy-consuming traditional concrete used in architecture. Emeco’s eco-concrete SU seat consists of 50% recycled glass bottles and CSA (calcium sulfoaluminate cement) that takes much less energy to make. Recycled Polyethylene seats, made of 75% postindustrial and 25% post consumer content, and shaped into the SU seat through rotation molding, come in three timeless color options – red, flint gray and dark charcoal gray. Emeco’s traditional material, recycled aluminum is used to make SU legs with either natural or black anodized finish. Reclaimed oak, as used in the seat, is another choice for the legs.
2, Desalto, Wave, tables-benchs collection design Nendo.
3,Cos installation in Milan during Milano Design Week, design Nendo.