Smart design for Arcadis offices in Milan.

Implement the smart working approach and create more synergy in the working team through a smart design: that was the brief given to D2U to design the Arcadis offices in Milan. Furniture, materials and colours were chosen to improve an ergonomic approach, sound absorption and to create a comfortable and, at the same time, flexible environment.

The 1.500 sqm workplace chosen by Arcadis to join all the company’s offices in the same place, as the Managing Director Roberto Talotta says, represented the opportunity to “create more and more synergy within the working team and to efficiently implement group guidelines on smart working approach”. The architect Jacopo della Fontana has led the D2U architect team along with the Arcadis Project Manager Alberto Spacone.


The project has been conceived with two big naves, accessible by both the two floors, connected by open stairs and separated in the centre with a mezzanine. The offices are divided into activity areas, separated by big conference tables and individual and private workstations, allowing, however, the required flexibility to embrace the possible company’s future needs and changes.


These space, along with the reception area and the internal coffee bar, contributes to create a good balance of individual, teamworking and private spaces, in order to allow the workers to find the perfect setting for each daily need.


As Jacopo della Fontana says, “working alongside with the client has allowed us to implement the brief with a creative approach, respecting schedules and costs constraints”, focusing on materials, colors and furniture, in order to create a communicative environment, where all the material, sound absorption and ergonomic parameters are thoroughly respected.
The furniture is most of all designed by the Dutch company Ahrend, with the adding of some other pieces as the moquette Interface.
Text by Gabriele Masi.





Balancing privacy and open space: Casio Offices (D2U).

Privacy is one of the main concerns of an open space working environment. That’s why D2U – project manager arch. Corrado Caruso– has included an informal office in the redevelopment of the Casio Italia’s headquarters in Milan: an in-between area equipped with special furniture for private calls or network surfing or for arranging comfortable informal meetings, protected by soundproof elements.

The redevelopment of the Casio offices in Milan had to deal with the reception desk on the ground floor and a narrow and long space (8 x 90m) with a single exposure. Re-arranging the layout, Design to Users (2DU) moved the work areas in an open space located on the southern façade in order to get maximum natural light, keeping three separate closed offices for the management, and building a dedicated space for the privacy need of the workers: the informal office.
This is a non working area where employees can go for private calls or network surfing by standing in touchdown areas or sitting on wooden stools, or  organising informal meetings with colleagues or customers, by sitting in comfortable sofas protected by acoustic panels.

The brand identity of the space is given by the use of the corporate colour Casio electric blue, that create a pattern throughout all the environments over the “tone on tone” grey and white combinations of the structures and walls, the beige PVC floor and the dove-grey work surfaces of the working furniture.
Smart features of the project are a flexible and reconfigurable space, the use of natural, recyclable and sustainable fit-out components and materials and the break area/kitchenette conceived as a central area for staff relationships.
A careful acoustic control of the environment is given by the sound absorbing panels Snowsound Caimi Brevetti’s Snowsound (Mitesco, designed by Michele De Lucchi), storage elements located between the individual work areas, along with the Gyptone acoustic ceilings.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


D2U-padiglione-N1-Intesa-san-Paolo- EXPO- wow-webmagazine

N1 Pavilion Intesa Sanpaolo at EXPO 2015 (design by D2U).

D2U (Design to Users) that has been selected by Intesa Sanpaolo Group for designing their N1 Pavilion at EXPO 2015, together with the Real Estate Lombardy Pole. This project belongs to the initiatives and events that the Bank Group has been planning at MILAN EXPO 2015, as Official Banking Partner of the Event.

N1 Pavilion represents an important meeting point supporting all those people who, coming to EXPO, may need information and any kind of banking activities; it will look directly on to the Decumano (the main street of Expo site) at the west entry.
For this reason, besides satisfying some practical banking requirements, the building has a very iconic architectural feature, that perfectly represents the commitment of Intesa Sanpaolo Group for this Exhibition, with its values of sustainability.
With a great visual effect, the outside part of the building looks as a truncated pyramidal volume, covered with wooden staves.
A key element is garden design, acting like a sort of connection between the ground floor level and the roofing level, introducing to a very intreguing hanging garden.

Spaces are located on two levels: ground floor and roofing floor, connected by a shaped stair that follows the sloping run of the perimeter walls.
Inside the building there are a reception area, an exhibition space, some Internet points and a self-safe bank area.
“We think that this pavilion will be appreciated for its intriguing aspect and cozy roof: an ideal meeting point for those who arrive at Expo Main Street and want to give a glance down by looking around to the thousands of visitors faces” – claims Jacopo della Fontana, founder and CEO of D2U.


Perspective: a professional network to face the global market.

The lively meeting organized at Flos showroom in Milan was the occasion to present the partners of Perspective, the highly qualified International Architectural Network that selected D2U as the Italian partner.

Perspective was formed in 1992 and connects more than 260 professionals in Europe. The goal was to offer multinational clients global professional services in conjunction with proven dependable local partners. In addition to the architectural field the network operates in the sectors of: city planning, transportation and infrastructure planning, master planning, space-planning, landscape planning energy saving, interior design, environment planning, services of planned preventive maintenance.
The Perspective offices are in Alkaar, Antwerp, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Poznan, Stockholm with alliances in Cape Verde, Croatia, Czech Republic, Timor Est, Hong Kong, Nanjin, Mexico, Philippines, Switzerland, USA, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Maputo.
During the event in Milan four thematic tables (Living, Leisure, Workplace, Health & Education) investigated about architecture with the players of real estate.
D2U (Design to Users) is an architecture and planning practice headed by the architects Jacopo della Fontana & Corrado Caruso, who have been operating for more than 25 years in the field of architecture and of consultancy for corporate Clients.

The video interview with Jacopo della Fontana explains Perspective’s philosophy and the role of the network as new and effective Way Of Working and “ability to act Local and think Global”.