The Best Companies 2016 by Great Place

Great Place to Work Italia has recently announced the Best Workplace 2016, the ranking of the best companies to work in. The 2016’s list includes 40 companies, 5 more than the last year, with 4 small ones between 20 and 49 employees. The research has also pointd out three foundamental relationship that makes a working environment excellent: the trust between the management and the employees, the pride for your own job and for the companies you work in and the quality of the relationship with collegues. Five dimensions need also to be taken into account: credibility, respect, equality, pride and bond.

One of the keywords of nowadays management is “Welfare“.
“It is a very simple concept: anyone works better if he lives an happy life. It is about giving the instruments to build a good work-life balance and helping the workers to deal with emotional and private needs and problems: stress management courses, psycological counseling, monitoring all the stress factors in the working environment, these are some of the solutions companies are experimenting”, Antonino Borgese, Presidente di Great Place To Work Italia, explains.
That’s why we can find Vetrya at the second place of the Medium Company ranking (Cisco in confirmed at the first Cisco), a company from Orvieto (Italy) with its environmentally friendly campus with wide green spaces, sport fields, relax areas and a nursery.


A manager should be also careful about his workers and colleagues’ social media, where, as Alessandro Zollo, Great Place to Work’s CEO, noticed, the satisfaction and the bond with the company is mostly expressed. “The pride is the real power of the people”, he noticed.
A third important, but sometimes ignored, aspect is the feedback or the constant communication between managers and employees. “Even though feedback is not the only feature that makes the distinction between a good and an excellent company, it is clear that the vertical communication is something that the big companies are really careful of. If you wanna reach the best results you can’t undervaluate this aspect”.
The Best Workplace’s ranking is based on the opinion of the workers, through the Trust Index questionnaire . These results are the 2/3 of the final grade that is completed with an analysis of the HR management made by the companies themselves in the Culture Audit questionnaire.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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