Il Mobile Significante: the winners are…

The awards of the Competition Il Mobile Significante 2013 by Fondazione Aldo Morelato were assigned; the theme was “The smallest- decorative items for home”. Objects that can be really useful in everyday life.
The Jury was composed by Aldo Cibic (designer), Ugo La Pietra (designer and theorist of the applied arts), Silvana Annichiarico (Director of the Triennale Design Museum), Ettore Mocchetti (designer and director of the magazine AD) and Giorgio Morelato (President of the Foundation Aldo Morelato).
The award “Fondazione Aldo Morelato – Progetto Opera” was assigned to the project Ceppo (log) by Marco Fiorentino of Albenga (SV), “for its simplicity but also ambiguity concerning the relationship between internal / external of the object which is composed by modular elements “It is a multifunctional object composed by 4 elements that can be used as a side table or as a seat. Besides the winner, the jury thought that was important important to point out other work such as the Atlante Tavolo geografico by Maria Spazzi, “for its ability to design an object of common use (table) charging it with meanings that figuratively allude to the landscape and territory that can be used for domestic operations “and the Nuutajarvi by Lorenzo Passi (VE) and Edoardo Passi (MI),” for the innovative conception of an everyday object (glass) by using two materials and conceiving it in with a new relation container / support.
The award “Città di Cerea- Scuola Appio Spagnolo” was assigned to the project Tot by Mattia Inno (TO) and Camille Brito Reale (YV), students at IAAD in Turin, “for the updating of a typical recreational object for children (and not only) through the composition of abstract elements and nucleus of structures with a strong allusion to artistic compositions.
The jury also mentioned other projects: Stone_Memories by Marco Uliana (VE) and Roberta Vettorato (PD), students at IUAV in Venice, “for the refined graphic presentation and the conceptual components that inspired the object.” And WINEZIA of Daniel Blagoja Nikolovski from Milan, a student at IED in Milan, “for the innovative design of an highly recognizable object , which was charged with allusive meanings related to the city of Venice conceived both as a territory with a great tradition in the wine production and for its shape that resembles that of a fish.