WOW! meets Daniel Libeskind.

Meeting “on the go” with Daniel Libeskind at stand Fiam inside Salone del Mobile. Architect and designer of worldwide renown, as well as a virtuosic musician,  Libeskind operates on all sectors of architecture and design,  several of his works were displayed at the Milan Design Week. Underlying is philosophy is the idea that each construction evolves through human energy.

Libeskind’s designs reflect his profound interest in the world of everyday objects and the stories they tell about their environment and the people who use them. His motivation is to contribute to the fields of product, industrial and interior design in the same way his buildings speak to architecture and culture. The spirit animating the new enterprise is to craft every object in an innovative and unique way, to make everyday life a little more beautiful and interesting. Libeskind has received many prizes and created world famous works.


1 Fiam. The Wing collection designed by Daniel Libeskind reinterprets the mirror as a magical object that acts on space. From the traces etched on its surface, the mirror has the fascinating power to convey the mystery of what is reflected. “To awaken the eyes of sleepers,” said the blind bard, giving mirror the impression of a dynamic symbol that stands out on the faces of those who see it. So The Wing suggests the enigma of awakening on the wing of man’s dreams and desires, interpreting “deconstruction” of which Libeskind is one of the greatest expressions.

2 Artemide. Paragon lamp designed by Daniel Libeskind is a radical new lighting design. Like a miniature skyscraper when standing perpendicular, it consists of four segments so that the lamp can be playfully bent at three joints to create a myriad of interesting geometric shapes. A lamp head fitted with the latest LED technology tops the vertical extrusion.

3 Jacuzzi. The Flow SPA designed by Daniel Libeskind using the innovative bath technology of the City Spa is the result of an interplay of classical geometries with a circular base that torques into a square top. The form recalls both the intricate Roman baths and the whimsical cisterns of the Baroque, as well as the torqueing movement of a deep sea vortex. The idea is to turn what is usually a functional object, outfitted with Jacuzzi’s unparalleled hydromassage, into a luxurious icon of design.

4 Tre-Più. Idea. Interior door by Daniel Libeskind with patented aluminium section to separate the door from the wall through an optical effect and hide LED lamps inside.

5 Beyond the Wall. Installation by Daniel Libeskind (part of the Interni Hybrid/Metissage Architecture & Design Exhibition at the Cortile Università Statale during Salone del Mobile) made from Silestone® quartz treated with Consentino’s innovative matte “suede” finish, this spectacular polycentric spiral opens in multiple directions along many different trajectories, propulsively twisting to a dramatic zenith.

6 Banca Sistema, branch Corso Monforte in Milan. Interior design of this interactive high-tech bank is by Daniel Libeskind (interiors made by Saporiti Italia in collaboration with Cisco Systems).

7 The Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin. The 25,000-square-foot, one-story Academy stands on the site of Berlin’s one-time flower market. Daniel Libeskind said “Each project offers a fresh chance to illuminate Jewish history and culture, to understand the tragedies and the triumphs, and to celebrate the resilience, creativity and erudition that have been Jews’ enduring legacy.”