WOW! meets Federico Palazzari, chairman Nemo.

WOW! met Federico Palazzari, chairman Nemo, during Milano Design Week on the occasion of the opening of the new lighting showroom Nemo at Corso Monforte in Milan.
“We are very proud to occupy the space that housed lighting companies over the last 40 years. With this choice, we wanted to strengthen and confirm that Corso Monforte is really the “lighting road”. It is a window that gathers the best of the world lighting design and this is the only case in the world.” No other city in the world has a so high concentration of lighting quality, tradition and design”. Always in the belief that the more we are, more value we have” says Federico Palazzari.
We believe in the project, perceived as a platform of competences, vision and diligence that we strive to achieve, daily, to create a constant dialogue between light and materials. Our job is to interpret, design and realize lighting objects that are part of our spaces and make them more livable. We work and we are enthusiastically committed by knowing that our light is accompanying the daily gestures of a growing number of people across 40 Countries.

The showroom is spread over two floors and over an area of about 250 square meters, with 6 windows.
The new showroom will be managed by an integrated home automation system, that will allow visitors “to live” the light experience through interaction with lamps, in order to try out directly the dimmability and the different light colours (warm/cold) to better understand requirements and potentialities of an ever-changing world. Thanks to an app that could be downloaded by each visitor, there will be the possibility of following an interactive path inside the showroom.
The purpose of the area is, on the one hand, to explain and let people discover the lighting research in a dynamic way and, on the other hand, to propose, in a sort of tunnel, the Master collection of Nemo, including, unique in the world, the masterpieces of Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Franco Albini, as well as Claritas, the first lamp designed by Vico Magistretti.