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Bistrot at Lavazza Campus: more than a canteen.

A restaurant with an independent management design to “take the citizenship to lunch”: Bistrot is the new canteen of the Campus Lavazza in Turin. Designed by CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti, along with RGA and Slow Food, Bistrot is a welcoming space with a strong home-feeling.

As we have seen talking about the “Nuvola” project, the Lavazza HQ in Turin is based on the requalification of the old electrical power station “Centrale”, aiming to create an open innovative hub for the city. The space, in fact, it is not just about a technological office environment but presents also a museum, an archaeological area and now also a restaurant.

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Bistrot can host up till 280 guests, among Lavazza’s employees and other people, which are welcome to come to try the high quality and healthy menus designed in collaboration with Slow Food.
The restaurant is divided into three area, one dedicated to the traditional Italian kitchen, one to street food, and a green area, over two floors, the first one with an open dining and self-service area and the second and third ones dedicated to people who want to eat in a more private and quiet atmosphere.

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The internal design aims to create a balance between the previous industrial elements, as the metal frameworks of the kitchens, and the home-feeling giving by the furniture and the choice of materials like wood, gres-tiles and wallpapers chosen for the finishing, all contributing to give to the surfaces a sophisticated texture.
A main feature of the space is its brightness given by the use of natural light, captured by the existing skylights and the historic windows on the gardens, and naturally emphasized by the clear and soft-toned colours of floors and ceilings.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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