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Undecided Collection: creative dynamism and refined sensuality.

More and more “indecided” and increasingly fascinating, Manerba‘s Undecided Sofa expands and becomes Undecided Collection. The seating solution designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen, includes armchairs, chaise longs and sofas, available in different heigh of backrest and also made with sound absorbing upholstery and coatings to improve privacy.

The mood of Fioraio Bianchi Caffè in Milan (a former flower shop transformed in a romantic  bistrot) was the perfect setting for the presentation of the new seating collection to enhance its sensuality and dynamic creativity and to inspire fascinating environments.

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Undecided Collection is the perfect seating solution for hybrid, contemporary and creative workplaces that respect your privacy.
It is characterized by an adjustable in height backrest, like a “personal colored patchwork”.

Thanks to its high performances and marked chromatism, it defines a new and adaptable landscape that fits to different situations as at work as at home.

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Eco-sustainability and design for resilient flooring.

After creating countless styles of modular carpet, distinguished by high performances and sustainability, Interface launches a luxury modular vinyl flooring featured by the same green vision and based on biophilic design approach.

Level Set is the first Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection by Interface. It is environmental friendly and is inspired by natural elements like wood and stone, according to biophilic design approach.
It offers options that evoke distressed, reclaimed and exposed natural materials. The textures, colours and patterns available provide more light reflection to maximising the benefits of daylight.
Available in 28 variations of Natural and Textured Woodgrains & Stones, it comes in Interface’s standard (25 cm x 1 m and 50 x 50 cm squares) and is complementary to carpet tile collections.
Since it is fully compatible in size and height, you can combine existing carpet and new LVT for a unique space of varied textures and designs.


We’re seeing an increased focus on cohesive design throughout the built environment, as well as a rise in demand for soft and hard flooring that blends well and functions as part of a modular design system– said Mandy Leeming, Design and Development Manager for Interface EMEALevel Set embraces our customers’ interest in flooring that has the look of natural materials with the functionality, durability and affordability of LVT, while ensuring they can select a mix of hard and soft flooring from a single partner to create a unified look and feel.”


An eco-sustainable design aimed at environmental comfort.
To install Level Set is simple and clean thanks to glue-free TacTiles. It emits virtually zero VOCs and allows for an environmental footprint over 90% lower than installation with traditional glue adhesives.
Engineered to compatible height (4.5mm total thickness) with Interface’s carpet tiles, providing the ability to effortlessly move from hard to soft flooring without transition strips, eliminating an unnecessary trip hazard and reducing the number of materials for specification and purchase.
To improve acoustic comfort the sound absorbing “Sound Choice” is available for LVT collections.



Two new awards to Caimi Brevetti for Snowsound by German Design Award 2018.

Two new awards to Caimi Brevetti for Snowsound by German Design Award 2018: a new prizes to the calculation software and a Special Mention to Diesis sound absorbing element, designed by Atelier Mendini. Both the products were also awarded by Neocon last summer.

German Design Award is an authoritative competition funded by Bundestag since 1953 acknowledging products that represent pioneering contributions to the international design landscape.


Snowsound products and technologies are covered by exclusive patents that represent the result of intense in progress research and development in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes.

The Snowsound calculation software has won the prestigious German Design Award award 2018 in the category “Excellent Communications Design Interactive User Experience”.
The importance of the award underlines once again the excellence of the calculation software that Caimi Brevetti makes available to its dealers.


Special Mention to Diesis sound absorbing element, designed by Alessandro Mendini e Francesco Mendini –Atelier Mendini- made with the patented Snowsound Fiber technology.
It is a system of sound-absorbing Snowsound Fiber drapes, realized with soft interwoven polyester fibers that are inherently fire-resistant (in different versions: steel structure, free-standing or hanging).
The interaction between its special acoustic fibers and its particular shape leads to signification reduction in annoying acoustic reverberation, thus improving acoustic comfort and life quality.

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A storage system that integrates “smart plants”.

The Dieffebis stand at Salone Ufficio, designed by 967, was like an amazing greenhouse; the plants evoke the green culture and the wellness-oriented vision of the company. This vision inspired a new biophilic version of Dotbox, a masterpiece of modular storage systems, that now can integrate planters equipped with air purification system.

Plants make more pleasant the workspace and make a better air quality, too. This is why DotBox integrates a “smart pot” with Itair® technology, an innovative natural air purification system for indoor environments.
Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) the plant are connected to a computer and becomes a real filter able to metabolize harmful agents present in the air provides for a forced mechanical ventilation.

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DotBox is a multifunctional, modular and flexible storage system able to configure workspaces, made of sheet steel laser-cut, fully recyclable. It can also be customized with pillows and panels in different shapes, colors and fabrics, including fireproof and sound absorbing. It allows to efficiently organize the space with a unique personality.





A skillfully planned acoustics.

Mascagni, manufacturing office furniture since 1930 and also working in the field of home and contract now for many years, has addressed the unavoidable issue of acoustic comfort thoroughly and in a structured manner, like a path that has developed consistently, by tackling the acoustic problem through customizable solutions of interior design, which have no competitors on the market.

The unique features of the products supplied by the Bologna-based company come from the adopted approach and find their roots in the company’s experience and know-how made of testing, synergies with suppliers who work in different industries and technologies never used before in furniture design.
The product presented at the last edition of Workplace 3.0 in Milan perfectly explain how Mascagni creates its products with love and care for the tiniest detail.

TréS is the new versatile, comfortable interior decoration range of modular soundproofing panels, easily and quickly rearranged.
The vertical wired metal partitions of TrèS spine, with their overlapping modules, divide space creatively and efficiently, without preventing communication from going on with its flows, through different levels and plain modules, made up of cabinets, metal, melamine or upholstered panels, and special tops. The last evolution is TrèS Screen: the panels structure are enriched through panels or courtesy, to create a personal space reconfigurable with extraordinary acoustic performance.

By partnering with 3F Filippi, a leader in lighting located near Bologna, was born Lux Sound, the sound-absorbing panel which turns on a feature essential for a comfortable all-round, light.
TréS Sound Sky System is like the beefed-up version of the Sound panel. Using modular and changeable articulated joints, the triangular ribs of the sound absorbing panels, in wood, melamine or textile, come to life and mould the space into peaceful areas that can be turned into extensive workplaces.

ALLinONE Slim is the range of partition walls that hides the secret of its polymorphism and adaptability inside its extruded aluminium sections. The construction can accommodate the panels of single, double or solid glass with an inner steel frame, regardless.
ALLinWOOD is an exploration that brings the natural products, again, in the insulating dividing partitions, a solid wood profile which welcomes in its quarries either single, double glazing or full façade.

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Snowsound Fiber: the future of acoustic design (Caimi Brevetti, hall 22, stand B29/C20).

After more than three years of research, Caimi Brevetti – a company with a 68-year heritage in experimenting with and processing products and materials – has developed and is now launching Snowsound Fiber. The new technology will be launched at Salone del Mobile (hall 16 stand E31) and Workplace 3.0 (hall 22, stand B29/C20) among many other new products designed by very important designers.

This product is the result of research and acoustic design that Caimi Brevetti pursued since 2011, targeted in particular at public venues and the workplace, where the greatest reverberation-related issues have always been found.
Caimi Brevetti’s Snowsound® Technology is a game-changer in acoustic design correction. It is a flexible solution for correcting both new-buildings and existing environments, simply and rapidly.
Caimi Brevetti’s research is today at a step change with Snowsound Fiber: a range of sound-absorbing acoustic fabrics with measurable results combined with tactile and visual qualities.

Each material has its own specific texture that conveys different perceptions. The acoustic performance depends not just on the qualities of each material but on how it is laid (its position in space, distance from the walls, etc.) based on specific calculation systems that Caimi Brevetti has developed.
Unlike normal sound absorbing panels, these acoustic fabrics represent custom design solutions.


All Snowsound Fiber acoustic fabrics are made out of 100% polyester, using inherently flame-retardant, 100% recyclable fibers. The fabric may be washed and ironed without losing its fire retardant and acoustic properties.
Snowsound-Fiber products won Greenguard-Gold certification, validating their low emissions specifications and their contribution to environmental quality. Greenguard standards are amongst the strictest standards in the world. Earning this certificate helps to acquire credits within the framework of the Indoor Environmental Quality section in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings assessment system.

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Storage systems, plants and air quality (Dieffebi, hall 24, B19 / B23 stand).

At Salone del Mobile (hall 24, stand B19 / B23) Dieffebi will show new features for DotBox for a Workplace 3.0 devoted to wellbeing. The flexible storage system able to configure workspaces, today integrates planters equipped with air purification system.

Plants and vegetation inside workplace help to improve air quality, contributing to wellbeing and productivity.This is why DotBox integrates now a “smart pot” with Itair® technology, an innovative natural air purification system for indoor environments.
Plants make more pleasant the workspace and make a better air quality, too.
The plant becomes a real filter able to metabolize harmful agents present in the air and, thanks to Itair® technology, provides for a forced mechanical ventilation.


DotBox is a multifunctional modular storage system made of sheet steel laser-cut, fully recyclable. It can also be customized with pillows and panels in different shapes, colors and fabrics, including fireproof and sound absorbing. It allows to efficiently organize the space with a unique personality.

Sound absorption and warm wood (Mascagni hall 22, stand C29/C35).

Mascagni will present at Salone del Mobile its vision of Workplace 3.0: the evolution of TrèS collection: furnishings and partitions wth high acoustic performances. The stand (hall 22, stand C29 / C35), designed by architect Pietro Mascagni and Alessio De Luca offers a path made of tactile sensations and sounds underlining the concept of natural wood for walls and screen to give the office a home-like mood.


Tres screen, Mascagni, design Antonio and Patrizia Mugnoz.

TrèS screen, is the third part of a complex furnishings project that has engaged the company in the last two years, it will be presented at the Salone del Mobile to complete the range of sound absorbing screens and partitions high aesthetic quality.
A balance between privacy and comfort, design and technology.
Sound-absorbing panels (in wood, fabric, glass or laminate) with aluminum structure, allowing a smart and intuitive way to reconfigure spaces and ways of working focusing on user’s needs.

Caimi Brevetti, Flap, design by Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda

Caimi Brevetti wins DesignEuropa Awards 2016.

A new prize to Caimi Brevetti! Flap and the Snowsound technology, won the DesignEuropa Awards 2016 organized by EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). in the category “Small Companies”.
And we are proud that another Italian brand, Giorgetto Giugiaro, is the winner of the Career Award.
Our thanks to Caimi and Giugiaro, that concretely promote Made in Italy innovation worldwide.

How many awards in the world by Caimi Brevetti, thanks to sound-absorbing panels Snowsound technology?
Among the 20 -or maybe more than 20- prizes won by Caimi Brevetti, the last one assigned to Flap (design by Alberto and Francesco Meda) on 30th November at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan has a higher value.
Of course the Compasso d’Oro to Flap or the Green Guard Gold Certification or the “Innovation and Engineering Awards” by CES to Snowsound technology aren’t less important.
But the DesignEuropa Awards 2016 has a different value because the prize is organized exactly by the authoritative Institute responsible for the registration of all patents in the European Community and the finalists nomination includes excellent European companies and very innovative products.
It is not only Caimi Brevetti to win this award, but the Italian economy: it is an “Italian case-history“ that actually shows the real meaning of innovation and tangibly demonstrates that the best Made in Italy is more alive.
Thanks to Caimi, Italy is the winner.

Snowsound-flap-Mostra- Extreme-museo-scienza-tecnologia-wow-webmagazine

3-Snowsound-flap-Mostra- Extreme-museo-scienza-tecnologia-wow-webmagazine

Snowsound by Caimi allows you to feel the “cosmic silence”.

A new important Caimi Brevetti’s collaboration with the Science and Technology Museum Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan for the exhibition “Extreme. Searching for particles“ where Snowsound sound-absorbing panels have been used to create the “Do not disturb Room”. A further success for this multi -awarded technology (in only 3 years 20 awards, including Compasso d’Oro 2016).
Snowbound technology is also present at the same museum in the exhibition “Design as you never heard it” in the Italian Pavilion of the XXI Triennale.

The permanent exhibition “Extreme. Searching for particles”, realized by National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. It is the first exhibition in Italy on this issue and it is aimed at a wider audience, explains how the research of infinitesimal particles is conducted within the research labs of CERN and INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics).
Caimi Brevetti, taking advantage of the Snowsound technology of its Flap sound absorbing panels (design by Alberto and Francesco Meda, winners of XXIV Compasso d’Oro).

The company has realized the “Do Not Disturb” room which resembles the disturbance-free environment (mandatory condition for this kind or research), a “Cosmic Silence” metaphorically linked to the noise application of the panels.
Snowsound® Technology, applied in a wide range sound-absorbing panels designed by leading designers, represents a true innovation in the field of acoustic design; it easily allows to obtain different levels of sound absorption using monomateric 100% recyclable panels, Italian Class 1 fire reaction, Euroclass B-s2, d0 and Greenguard Gold certified.

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Moss: a most communicative plant.

Moss is a vegetable material growing even in extreme conditions, no water or light or particular soil needed,  but it offers many more advantages and if used in a creative way it turns into an original instrument of communication and sign system for interiors. HW Style is  offering it in a special promotion until the end of July 2016.

It’s not a miracle, but just a natural material requiring very little care from man and with many advantages. Moss (distributed in Italia by HW Style) is a natural product.
It is suitable for interiors, non-toxic and odourless, and it helps to control the dampness of the environments and acoustic comfort because it is sound absorbing.

It’s mounted on felt panels (60×40 and 100x 60 cm) to be easily fit on any surface and lasts 10 years at least, without water.
It can be hanged as a painting or used to cover a whole wall; coming in several colours, it’s even an instrument of communication  if used to  create drawings or graffiti, logos and graphics.


It is easy to cut and mount on the wall.


Flap by Caimi wins Compasso d’Oro.

A really groundbreaking product is widely acknowledged, but the success of the patented technology Snowsound by Caimi Brevetti is almost a Guinness record: 16 awards in less than 3 years. And the latest, the oldest and most influential in the field of design, is the richly deserved Compasso d’Oro for Flap Panel System designed by Alberto and Francesco Meda.

The WOW! material Snowsound is still on the podium with Flap, that adds to Fondazione ADI’s heritage, the collection of the products winners of Compasso d’Oro Prize since 1954.
Flap system is much more than a sound absorbing panel for acoustic comfort; it has won the jury, who stressed the exceptional performance of a “versatile and open system which is a new solution to such an invisible problem as sounds and noises”.

A dynamic and evolutive system that adds a formal simplicity to an advanced sound-absorbing performance and it impacts significantly as to appearance and compositional freedom.
A masterpiece of industrial design coherent with the Louis Sullivan’s motto “Form follows function”.
Here is the interview with Alberto and Francesco Meda made by WOW! at Caimi Brevetti booth stand on the occasion of the presentation of Flap at Salone del Mobile.



Design as you never heard it: Caimi #21Triennale.

The amazing exhibition of XXI Triennale named “Design as you never heard it” and curated by Aldo Colonnetti and Franco Origoni, poetically talks about Snowsound, the multi-awarded technology by Caimi Brevetti.

Sound and listening quality is the theme of this synaesthetic exhibition staged in a charming location – Cavallerizze of Science and Technologies Museum in Milan- that combines technological research and craft tradition, two keywords of “Design after Design”, two symbols of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

The technical features of Caimi’s innovative sound absorbing technology of Snowsound and Snowsound Fiber are emphasized in a tunnel, where you can feel its performances, its formal aspects in the products carried out by some of the major designers and the poetic aspects obtained through the work of the haute couture fashion designer Moreno Ferrari.
Actual  “self-supporting” architectures you can put on, and most sound-absorbing.

Franco Caimi explains: The theme proposed by XXI Triennale -Design after Design- was rendered by the great industrial designers by matching state- of- the- art, sound-absorbing and sustainable materials to improve our wellbeing, yet based on the craft tradition. That’s what Caimi means by “21st century Design”.

XXI Triennale
Title exhibition “Snowsound . Design as you never heard it”
Curated by: Aldo Colonetti and Franco Origoni
Set ub by: Origoni Steiner Architetti Associati, Franco Origoni, Matteo Origoni, Anna Steiner with Eleonora Bruno
in collaboration with: Paolo Bonfiglio, Andrea Farnetani, Caimi Lab
Set up supplier: Benfenati Allestimenti.
Where: Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci Milano, Via Olona 6.
When: from April 2nd to September 12th 2016. 

Snowsound-Caimi- collage-wow-webmagazine


Easy acoustics thanks to the magnetic coupling installation.

Simone Micheli designed for Fonology (Ares Line’s brand) the sound absorbing panels Airtwin and the metal structure Easy Air that incorporates magnets to allow an easy and free hanging of the panels.It creates a soundproof partition in open spaces.

Easy Air is a painted metal structure that allows very easy installation of round and square Airtwin panels thanks to incorporated magnets. The acoustic panels are made by polyester fibre and covered in Trevira fabric. With its magnetic anchoring system, the panels can be easily replaced or changed, allowing versatile ways to renew compositions. It is available in 3 versions: single-sided (3 panels) double-sided (6 panels) triple-sided (9 panels) installed on a metal spacer.


Easy Air can be moved as required, as there is no need for any structural intervention. The option of mounting up to nine panels reduces noise by 35%. Airtween panels can be also hung at wall and ceiling.

fonology-simone-micheli-easy-air-airtween-wow-webmagazine 3


Wooden and melamine sound proofing panels.

TrèSSpine Screen and Sound versions- is a new, versatile furnishing system by Mascagni. Its modular panels, in steel, melamine and wood, are specifically designed to ensure rapid reconfiguration and  its sound absorbing panels, in laminate, wood and fabric, contain the most advances technologies to ensure the best in acoustic comfort and finishings.

TrèS is the system created by Mascagni and Ergon Design that combines accessorized modular panels and transparent or sound-insulating screens of different heights and widths, with optional integrated cabling.

TrèS System includes TrèSound, a sound absorption innovative panel (in wood or high pressure laminate) based upon the principle of the Helmholtz multiple resonator, in combination with the acoustic absorption achieved by means of porous materials, since the panels contain polyester fibers. The product was developed closely with a team of companies, starting from aesthetic demands and production requirements linked to its manufacture and then perfecting the dimensions of the external layer of the panels to improve their acoustic absorption. For this reason they decided that the holes in the panels were to be of a specific size and specific distribution, and specified the density of the internal fibrous material, to obtain the best possible acoustic performance for a free-standing panel which was tested in the reverberation chamber with excellent results.



2015: the International Year of Light.

Euroluce 2015 falls on UNESCO Year of light, what are the aspects you’d like to see emerge from this initiative? Will Euroluce be able to tackle the most heated issues? That’s what we talk about with Stefano Bordone, president of Assoluce, who is very conscious of the perceptive and emotional aspects of light. “Not accidentally, in Italian  ‘to come to light’ is synonymous with to be born” he points out.

With this iniziative, UNESCO mainly wants to lay emphasis  on the theme of Energy saving, which is absolutely important, yet not the only significant factor.
Last century Light has marked mankind with innovations in all kinds of fields: from the theory of relativity to the application of laser beams in the medical field, from LED tv to Internet.
In Western countries a cultural evolution is in progress, that concerns both energy consumption and the important role played by light for a quality environment.

Obviously trade meets these requirements.  However, what is important is a conscious user. For instance, they tend to perceive LED lighting as a problem-solving solution,  there is scanty information on the fact that  not all LEDs are the same.
The perception theme is basic, because light has a strong emotional charge and, besides environmental quality, it affects people’s state of mind and mood,  as many scientific researches have confirmed.
Paradoxically there is a growing awareness of wellbeing, the best psychophysical condition that helps productivity, too, yet lighting designers are seldom involved in the design of a work environment.
Developers and designers should be awakened to this theme, for the figure of the lighting designer is basic and must be integrated into the general project. The lighting designer can render light “beautiful”, by rendering light he conveys an attitude.
Can Euroluce 2015 pass on this message?
It can prove that ornamental light isn’t just maquillage.
In the field of hi-tech lighting, a phenomenon is emerging, which proves that companies can innovate, and it’s the combination of more functions in a lighting fitting: sound absorbing devices or music spreading appliances, for instance.
That’s a clear example that we need a balance between “where” the world going is going and what companies are doing.


High and sound absorbing at the “window”.

“Which “natural lamp” do we know other than a window? A lamp that is also a crossroads between our indoor space and the rest of the world. Screens, panels, and draperies have contributed – over the centuries and across civilizations – to control its use” quite so the designer Mario Bellini explains the concept of Night and Day, designed for Artemide.

Night and Day is a wall appliance made up of an aluminium lighting body and a textile curtain with excellent optical and sound-absorbing properties. The optical engine accommodates next-generation LEDs and the light beam is controlled by an injection-moulded lens, which produces a wall- washer effect outlining the textile surface.  The curtain is unfolded and rolled up by means of an engine enclosed in two separate elements with well-known geometric forms (circle and triangle) of high aesthetic impact.
The lamp body is white, in contrast with the black controlled-glare optical blades that play a dual function: outline the profile of the curtain and reduce side glaring. At night, it gradually turns on to the extent that it fully substitutes day light, while ensuring privacy.
“The material used for the luminous curtain shows very interesting acoustic features, perfectly enhanced by its particular operational procedures. – explains Ing. Umberto Nicolao, Sound Engineering Consulting Services– The luminous curtain can be installed at some distance from a glass panel or a wall, while at the same time offering excellent sound absorbing features. More specifically, the frequencies that are the most important for understanding language and, particularly, consonant articulation fall within a range of 1,000 to 4,000 Hz. In relation to this, as much as 40% of the sound waves entering the curtain are absorbed by it, while preventing any enhancement of sound reverberation in space.
Its large size and its flexible installation requirements, no longer limited to an installation on glass, improve the efficacy of the product, while significantly increasing the acoustic performances of any space where the luminous curtain is installed.”




Sound absorbing islands with a couture touch.

Islands, design by Francesco Bettoni for Citterio, is a modular sound-absorbing screen system that defines with elegance the privacy spaces, microenvironments in shared areas for operational work, meeting, reception.

The typical pattern with vertical lines allows to identify areas with high versatility in the use and configuration. Moreover, its structure ensures proper acoustics and provides an adequate privacy level.


Sound absorbing and attractive design.

Estel’s olistic approach to workplace aims at creation of quite, respectful and intense spaces; acoustics and lighting, a comfortable armchair or a hanging sound absorbing panel can form a part of the same family launched at Orgatec: Kite.

Kite resolves acoustic problems in the environment with a formal solution using a pleasing and flexible design. This suspension system for sound absorption panels, which premiered at Orgatec, reveals high acoustic performances that Estel has joined with technical lighting functions, for what already seems to be a new classic for workplace environments.
Kite panels, consisting of a support frame in aluminium and a core of perforated mineral fibre, thanks to a particular morphology and suspension, have become an effective sound trap with high sound-absorption ability and flexible aesthetic impact. They range from a version on wall, hanging from ceiling and as a backrest for seatings. In addition, the possibility of inserting a LED bar will transform hanging Kite into a lighting element, increasing its functionality and areas of use.
It is available in the sound absorption version in three sizes: 120×120 cm, 100×100 cm and 80×80 cm, while the Naked version has only the frame with the lamp. It can be used in different contexts from open office space to meeting rooms, to public areas and contract. Acoustic tests performed in the laboratory on the Kite hanging lamp, according to the EN ISO 354 standard, show that the absorption performance is at its highest level between 250 and 2000 Hz, the typical frequency range of human speech.

In the photos: to improve the impact of acoustic environments, Estel presents a vast and flexible range of solutions dedicated to collectivity spaces: sound-absorbing panels Kite can be used in wall version, hanging from ceiling or as a sitting backrest.